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St Patrick’s Day 2020

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all. It was a strange Paddy’s Day today due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  No parades around the country and the streets were empty. Great to see though the Irish Spirit shining through during a difficult time. Many had their own indoor Parades. Many played Irish music for their neighbours. Many […]

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Therapy Online Support during COVID-19 outbreak

The World is dealing with a very difficult situation. The 2019 COVID_19 outbreak has been unprecedented. Strict measures have now been put in place to combat the virus. This can be a very challenging time for all, and Inner Voice offers online counselling for those who feel the need for support. The platform used is […]

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International Women’s Day 2020

Posted in News on 8th March 2020

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. I have had the privilege of having an insight into the world of women. I grew up in very much a female dominate household. I have no brothers but two sisters. Early in my development,  I gained a confidence of being in the company of women. I, perhaps,  developed […]

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