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Pride 2021

Posted in News on 29th June 2021

Well Dublin Pride 2021 may be coming to an end tomorrow (30th June, 2021), but Pride celebrations will continue on around the country. In fact, Mayo Pride will be on July 8th to 11th, and they will have events offline, which is great to see during these strange times.  Check out further details @ […]

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Lockdown Survival Tips

Posted in News on 20th March 2021

We are currently in another Level 5 lockdown until April. This can be a challenging, and an uncertain time , and it is unbelievable to think we have been in lockdown for almost a year. You may have heard these tips before, but I have has witnessed when his clients implement the below lockdown survival […]

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Therapy Online Support during COVID-19 outbreak

The World is dealing with a very difficult situation. The 2019 COVID_19 outbreak has been unprecedented. Strict measures have now been put in place to combat the virus. This can be a very challenging time for all, and Inner Voice offers online counselling for those who feel the need for support. The platform used is […]

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International Women’s Day 2020

Posted in News on 8th March 2020

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. I have had the privilege of having an insight into the world of women. I grew up in very much a female dominate household. I have no brothers but two sisters. Early in my development,  I gained a confidence of being in the company of women. I, perhaps,  developed […]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all for 2020.  Christmas can be a time of reflection. Perhaps, in the New Year you may make looking after your Mental Health a priority for 2020.

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