Do you provide online counselling?

Yes I do. The platform I use is Zoom.  If you would like to review the security features of Zoom please click on  I invite my clients via email to attend a Zoom meeting.

The client simply clicks on the meeting requested and is directly brought to the online appointment.  If Zoom is not already downloaded the link will requested the app to be downloaded. I find it a very easy app to use for online therapy for both therapist and client. I send the link a few days before the actual appointment.

I send a paypal link to the client to pay for the appointment given.

What is the first session like?

Firstly, I salute you for making the call to seek help regarding your Mental Health. I recognise the bravery of taking that first step. The first session will be very informal. It will be an opportunity to get to know each other. I believe that the most important aspect of therapy, is the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. It will last 50 minutes, and the next date for the next session will then be decided.

How many sessions do I need to attend?

I normally encourage clients to attend six sessions. I feel this is when clients obtain the most from therapy.  After the six sessions, it will be decided between therapist and client, if the therapy should continue. An ongoing review of the therapy will then be in place.

How much does each session cost?

Each session will cost 80 euro; however, I am registered for tax purposes. I can provide a receipt if needed for clients to obtain tax relief on their counselling sessions. Note: I do have a student rate and for those between jobs, the rate is 50 euro per appointment.  Payment can be made by card or cash at the end of the appointment. For Online appointments I use Revolut or Paypal, and as it is an online appointmemt I would appreciate paymemt before the appointment date.

Is therapy a safe place?

Yes, I provide a safe space where the client will be listened to, heard and not judged. My role as therapist is to provide a safe and secure space for my clients. My approach is very much a personal centred approach to therapy. That is, I convey immense empathy towards the client, I fully respect what is being said to me. Finally, I am fully present in the room with my clients. I fully endorse the practice of Self Care in my work as a therapist.

Is therapy confidential?

Yes it is, however, there are only a few exceptions to the area of confidentiality. I work to the highest standard and fully adhere to the ethics of the IACP, which I am member of.

Exceptions include the following:

  1. If the therapist believes there to be a danger of the client causing harm to themselves or another
  2. If the client reveals that there is a child at risk of abuse or a child has been the victim of abuse
  3. If the therapist is subpoenaed by a court of law.

Should a third party need to be informed in such situations, where possible this will first be discussed with the client. I state that breaking confidentiality is a rare occasion in therapy.

Will there be a Working Agreement between client and therapist?

Yes. I am fully compliant to GDPR policies. A Working Agreement will be created by me and sent to the client to review and sign after the first appointment.

What do I do next?

Feel free to contact me at 089 409 3192 or send an email to to arrange an appointment. It will be a pleasure to work with you.

I am based at 5 Capel Street as part of a new company I formed with two others entitled Under the Rainbow. I will send out directions to you once the first appointment has been confirmed.