Launching Our Mission Statement

Posted in News on 1st May 2019

I’m so happy to bring you all Inner Voice’s official mission statement. I hope this can give some insight into the goals I’m working towards with Inner Voice and put into perspective how this mission is achievable with you all that come through my door.

The madness behind the mission

Many of you may know, Inner Voice was born after my own experience with counselling and finding my identity as an out-and-proud gay man. Having gone through that struggle myself, I wanted to set-up a practice that could cater to the people that struggle with the very same or similar issues.

One of the greatest barriers to finding therapy is coming to terms with the vulnerability that comes along with it. You know you’re going to be going into a room, an office, a space, something, wherein you’ll divulge incredibly sensitive parts of your life. It can be a very raw experience depending on your situation.

I wanted Inner Voice to acknowledge the vulnerability that clients can bring in and emphasise that no form of vulnerability – whether it’s your sexuality, gender, childhood, or anything – is something to be ashamed of.

Courage is your first friend

When you’re born, the world is a scary place. There are so many new things, noises, and adventures for you to take in. The thing that drives you from infancy to where you are now is your courage. The same thing can be said for seeking out and going through therapy. Courage is the first friend you make – and it continues to be your friend in your counselling journey. Taking those first steps to contacting your preferred therapist, searching for your local providers, asking questions, all of these things are difficult. At Inner Voice, this is something I will always praise. If you’ve come to a session, you’ve already jumped over several hurdles. That deserves to be praised and respected.

My mission, our solution

At Inner Voice, I take a client-centered approach.  We take a look at your life, who you are, and go from there. Everything moves with your comfort level. So whether you’re a trans client who is coming to me and looking for just one person to use your preferred pronouns, whether you’re recently divorced and looking to navigate your new life, whether you’re just coming in for a mental health checkup, we’ll find the best way to do that together.

I’m very excited to share with you Inner Voice’s official Mission Statement and I can’t wait to see how it evolves and grows as time goes on. This journey has been amazing so far, let’s see where amazing takes us all.

The Mission Statement

“The Mission of Inner Voice is to empower people through confidential counselling and therapy. Utilising psychotherapy, Inner Voice aims to promote the relational, emotional, and personal potential of all people. Inner Voice acknowledges the bravery of all clients and welcomes all clients regardless of gender or sexual orientation.”

Inner Voice Mission Statement