New Website. New Beginnings.

Posted in News on 17th October 2018

It is almost a year  since I left the corporate world of accounting.  I took a leap of faith to embark on a new career as a therapist. I remember at the start of this year. I felt a bit uneasy and overwhelmed at being Self-Employed. It was like a culture shock.

Slowly I began to gain in confidence from doing up business cards, working with my clients,  to now launching my new website !!! I am now in a role that I fully embrace.  Each day, I wake up and am excited at what my working day will bring.

We are in the month of October, a time for renewal. The colour of red symbolizing letting go of the past.

I launch now my new website and practice Inner Voice. Accountancy you  have been great to me for the last 20 yrs, thanks for the memories. My new journey begins.